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prettypunky2012's Journal

9 April
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I'm Nayla, 25 years old Mummy to 2 beautifull angels :) Zaydaan 19months old, Allana 6months old
I have two jobs both I enjoy a lot
1) Nurse at an old folks hme 3x nights a week
2) Freelance make up artist (only work when & as required I.e photoshoots, catwalks, weddings, bridal make over)
I love MAKE UP ESP MAC cosmetics (my study room is practically full of make up)
I'm interested in making new friends & Buying/Swapping items
I have over 180 feedback 99% positive for buying & selling under eBay I.d muskaan2007

Ciao for reading :) x
2pac, beyonce, fast and furious horror, kanye west, lil wayne, rihanna, shopping