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Feedback can be found here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/muskaan2007
I am in the UK so shipping is from here
Paypal only

Mac Brush's:
209 used few times cleaned with Mac brush cleaner £13
204 BNIP £6
266 used 2x cleaned with mac brush cleaner this was given by a friend it looks authentic but not 100% sure £12
192 used 1x cleaned with mac brush cleaner Discontinued offers?
 photo 49328B25-2A1F-451C-BEE5-E7740DAF4DC7_zpsyxgfowsv.jpg

Mac set of 5 Liquidlast Liners Discontinued around 50%+ remaining in each £40
-Pop iris
-Dress Khakhi
 photo 52AC6A42-4BB2-4344-A2EE-74CD2369C7B1_zpsggkw0mf6.jpg

Mac set of 6 Shadesticks Discontinued around 60%+ remaining in each £50
-Lemon chiffon
-Sea me
-Grease paint stick in black
 photo 2FF7E281-05ED-458C-BDB2-4AD8FEA27CD8_zpsgtvdqkdk.jpg

Mac On the hunt superslick eyeliner used few times crack to lid doesn't effect item £8
Mac Marked for glamour Superslick eyeliner used few times £9
Set of 3 Mac eye kohls ( 1 has no name no idea if its for lips or eyes) see pic for usage £20
-Ola Viola
 photo C455B465-DD0D-45DB-A071-5497CA84B441_zpsv59pspvx.jpg

Soap & Glory Powder Trip BN £8
 photo A4F798CF-CF0D-4C34-A723-A9A0E15CA895_zps7tmg681y.jpg

Mac Sheer bronze mineralize sheersheen powder/loose used 1x £20
Dermacolor Camouflage palette in medium some colors swatchhed £15
Benefit moonbeam 50% left £8
 photo 8DC685EC-BEC5-42F3-9553-9875A454C225_zps3k3zobj7.jpg
 photo 33BEA658-E9C3-45D2-A907-5F883732F319_zpsaj1qxejg.jpg

Mac Ablaze Blush pro pan small nick tested £15
 photo 6E5238D8-2E05-49F6-8BA0-968C10D7AE22_zpsifkjadgr.jpg

Mac set of 2 eyeshdaows usage shown £15
-Word of mouth mineralize eyeshadow
-Metal blu brushed metal x cream eyeshadow
 photo 6EF995D5-505F-44EE-BF9D-DF4F5617F65F_zpsogqlwhxa.jpg

Mac parfait amore & Swish eyeshadow used few times £10
 photo B970CE17-112F-4544-AFED-B545B5A2AF12_zpsixewamik.jpg

Mac 3d silver glitter pigment see pic for usage OJ Offers
 photo EB33F700-3783-4E98-A065-EBF555718550_zpsywh9kt0q.jpg
 photo 661F5008-EC8E-43F5-8290-DB5B3A16041D_zpsarfd8o4w.jpg photo 17AC55C0-18AA-45AE-A841-CCE15DA28078_zpsdnijvl0v.jpg</a>

Mac Viva glam gaga Lipgloss around 50% left £10 not pictured
Mac Heatherette style minx lipgloss swatched 2x offers not pictured
Mac Disney strange potion Swatched 2x offers not pictured
Mac denim dish 2 2002 edition LE HTF RARE offers not pictured
BOS 2 used not pictured see previous post for pics of the UD Palettes
BOS IV swatched 2x
BOS NYC swatched 2 x
UD 15 year palette all colors used



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